The course aims the students to

1)      Get knowledge in the principles of transients in DC circuits, AC circuit theory, filters and magnetically coupled circuit elements

2)      understand methods for calculating various advanced electric properties

3)      technology in conjunction with established theory to analyze problems

Course Content:

1            Basics of AC power analysis

2            Basics of AC power analysis

3            Sinusoidal steady state analysis of circuits

4            Introduction to Laplace transform

5            Analysis of Electrical Circuits using Laplace transform

6            Network functions, Transfer functions

7            Filters

8            Filters, Bode plots

9            Bode plots

10          Coupled inductors and transformers

11          Coupled inductors and transformers, Two ports

12          Two ports, 3 phase circuits

13          3 phase circuits

14          Convolution integral for circuit analysis

Textbook: Electric Circuits by James W. Nilsson, Susan A. Riedel

​Assessment: 40% Midterm, 40% Final, 20% Labs